5 Ways to Make a Bow That Will Instantly Upgrade Any Package

Once you’ve mastered how to perfectly wrap a gift, you’ll need a festive gift topper to finish the look. Luckily, you don’t have to empty your wallet to stock up on expensive store-bought bows—it’s actually easier (and way less expensive) to make your own at home. We’ve rounded up our best bow tutorials to help you make the perfect gift bow, every time. By mastering these five simple bow-making techniques and your gifts will always stand out in a crowd—or under the tree. We’ve got a bow technique for any materials you have at home: Make a bow out of plain or wired ribbon, or opt for a paper option you can make from leftover wrapping paper scraps. 

Whether you’re wrapping Christmas gifts for the family or embellishing a birthday package, these how-to techniques are easy to learn. To get started, grab your best scissors and raid the ribbon drawer.

Make a Classic Bow with Ribbon

This might be the easiest bow you’ve ever made. Our tutorial makes it so easy to learn how to tie a bow that looks like it came directly from the department store gift-wrapping station. All you need is a wide ribbon and a pair of scissors—we’ll walk you through the rest!

Make a Rosette Bow

The rosette bow (also known as a pom-pom bow) looks intimidating because of the number of loops, but it’s actually fairly simple to create. Use our easy ribbon folding hack to make even loops all the way around. To get perfectly-styled loops, we’ll show you how to make a bow with wired ribbon.

Editor’s Tip: This is one of our favorite holiday bows. To make a Christmas bow, use red and green patterned ribbon!

Make a Gift Bow

This paper creation looks just like our favorite go-to gift bow from the store. Our easy instructions will show you how to make a Christmas bow out of patterned paper, wrapping paper, or even ribbon! Our easy folding technique will help you make and fold loops that easily stack into a gorgeous gift bow you can make in under a minute.

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