6 Festive (and Healthy!) Christmas Treats to Try This Season

The holiday season is always filled with sweet treats. Whether it’s Christmas cookies, chocolate Advent calendars, or holiday cakes, I typically consume a fair amount of sugar as I countdown to Christmas. And while I have never been known to turn down a snowman-shaped sugar cookie, I’ve been on a health kick lately, so I’m on the lookout for healthier swaps to make this season. 

To find inspiration, I turned to Instagram—where I found thousands of holiday food ideas that are just as fun and creative as a big tray of decorated sugar cookies. I’ve rounded up a few of the ideas that I can’t wait to make in hopes that they can also help you (and your family) get into the holiday spirit this Christmas. 

Reindeer Cheese Ball

This adorable cheese ball is even more festive than Rudolph’s reindeer games. Melissa from No. 2 Pencil turned a delicious cheese ball (seasoned with Ranch dressing powder and coated in chopped pecans) into a reindeer by adding pretzel antlers, black olive eyes, and a cherry tomato for the iconic red nose look. For the full recipe and how-to, check out Melissa’s blog post.

Veggie Christmas Tree

This veggie tray is anything but boring! Sarah from 30 Minute Foodie piled this Christmas tree-shaped tray ($16, Target) with cut vegetables, fruit, and crackers. It’s perfect for munching on as you settle in for a holiday movie marathon.

Banana Santas

This tasty snack from Siya’s Mummy’s Kitchen is so easy, even kids can help make it! To make the Santa figure, skewer half a banana, a rice cake, a strawberry, and a mini marshmallow. Once the skewer has been assembled, accessorize with chocolate sprinkle eyes and a small red candy nose.

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